Hosted by the Indian Consulate of NYC, under the label of ‘Bhaitak@consulate’, an in-house concert series that brings the best artists in the country to NYC’s passionate & exceptionally knowledgeable art lovers & connoisseurs, was a wonderful treat indeed! The setting was gorgeous and intimate and there were multiple occasions throughout the evening wherein I felt that I was transported back into the ancient courts of Kings & queens. A time when classical arts thrived and flourished.

Madhavi Mudgal Ji, along with the gorgeous Arushi Mudgal & Dancers were simply amazing. The sheer brilliance of Madhavi Ji’s choreography at many points left me astounded. She showed us that there truly is no limits to creativity and genius. Intelligent use of space and time, vibrant foot work, graceful & fluid yet unexpected movement patterns left me gasping with delight, it truly was such an enriching experience for me! This is the first time I’m watching Madhavi Ji live and I must say that I’m totally in awe and love with her work & more importantly, with the way her brilliant creative mind weaves and designs beautiful patterns in space using the human body!

A huge shout out to the amazing Jonathan Hollander, an ardent devotee and passionate supporter of Indian classical dance in the US; an extraordinary human whose life long passion for dance has gifted us, lovers of dance, a cornucopia of splendid experiences. Thanks to him and his constant ‘battering’ ( a play on words alluding to his world famous ‘Battery Dance Company’) as the Consul General, Sandeep Chakravorty, jokingly acknowledged, he was instrumental in making this gorgeous evening a reality! Thank You so much for making NYC shine a lot more brighter tonight.

And Thank You so much to my dearest Rajika Ji for bringing us all together under one roof yet again. As usual it was such joy to catch up with some of my favorite dancers in this country – Kuldeep Singh, Madhusmita Bora, Julia Kulakova, Angelina Haque, Sonali Skandan, Sridhar Shanmugam & more.

Do check out the official photo reviews by Jay Mandal

Catch more video clips from tonight’s show at Tat Tvam asi’s Instagram stories.

Watch the Live telecast of the show here!

The show was made possible with many Thanks to Battery Dance, TV Asia, State Bank of India & Incredible India
Indian Council For Cultural Relations

– This article has been reproduced from a FB post written by Sruthi Mohan

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