What does Tat Tvam Asi mean and what is the significance of this philosophy?

“Tat Tvam Asi”  is one of the 4 ‘Mahavakyas’  or great sayings from the sacred scriptures, the Upanishads, that originated in Ancient India. Translated as “ That Thou Art”, this Mahakavya seeks to establish oneness of the individual soul with ‘Brahman’ or the all pervading supreme consciousness.

It is believed that the sole purpose of the individual soul is to realize that it is part of the divine whole. The very purpose of the human existence is to realize this divine truth. The eternal longing of the individual soul to unite back with, and become one with the supreme consciousness is the central theme of many ancient artistic traditions, for it was believed that the pursuit of art was one of the surest ways to reach this ultimate destination.

Artistic traditions from ancient India are fundamentally spiritual in nature. Indian Classical Dance originated within the inner most altars of ancient temples. It was an offering given to appease the ancient Gods. Rooted deeply in ritualistic traditions, temple dancers often danced not just for the Gods, but also to uplift and hence enhance the devotional experience of the congregation gathered to witness the ritual of worship. The dancer gently reminds her audience, with her expressive face and beautiful flowing movements, that she longs to become one with her divine Lord. She reminds us of the metaphysical nature of existence and yet how it is entwined with the divine. Steeped in symbolism and metaphors, the dancer converses with the divine about the various paths to enlightenment.

Thus began the conjoined journey of Indian Classical Dance and Spirituality . Indian Classical Dance has since been codified and preserved in its true essence . There is recorded history, of this ancient dance form, dating as far back as  to 2000 BC.  This art form has truly stood up to the test of time. For even as times have changed, man’s eternal quest to understanding the mysteries of the supreme consciousness still remains unchanged. The secret of understanding this esoteric philosophy lies in internalizing the Mahakavya - “ That Thou Art “. To become one with the supreme  consciousness, one must first realize or acknowledge the divinity that exists within one’s self.

What are we aspiring to achieve with Tat Tvam Asi ?

It is our goal to establish TAT TVAM ASI, as a platform to showcase Classical Indian Dances in it's deeply spiritual essence. 

To promote this art form in its truest form. 
To create a performance space where legendary practitioners of this ancient art form can share their life’s work with us.
To create an opportunity for the next generation, to witness great artists at work and to learn and understand the world we live in as seen through these amazing artists’ eyes. We truly believe in the wisdom that proclaims that  Art is one of the easiest ways to enrich our spiritual journey that is this Gift of Life! We do hope that you will support this endeavor and would like to cordially invite you to be a part of this movement!
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