‘Enduring Silence’ by Parul Shah

This was definitely one of my favorite performances of 2017. I was blown away by the poignant simplicity of this intricate work and the effectiveness with which Parul Shah was able to convey a very important social message, when I saw her perform live at The Indo-American Arts Council’s 2017 Indoor Indian Dance Festival.

Here is a must watch artist! Parul Shah’s work is beautiful, intelligent, sensitive and thought provoking. Accompanied by the equally brilliant Trina Basu Ramamurthy, this is a show you must watch.

More details of ‘Enduring Silence’ in the video Here.

Read more about Parul Shah and her dance company Parul Shah Dance Company. Check out some of their latest offering on their FB page.

– This article has been reproduced from a FB post written by Sruthi Mohan

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