Of the future of dance presenting…

As I sit at home, enjoying my quiet morning, contemplating on the happenings of last week – a week of intense learning at the Jacob’s Pillow with my fellow peers from the world of dance presenting and curation, I’m left feeling intensely grateful.

As I reflected on my life as a dance presenter, I realize that I walked through doors, left open to me and drawn into by unknown forces in the universe that has shaped and guided my decisions. With no real tools or resources or formal training I’ve had to learn the ropes of the business the hard way – by learning from my mistakes. Each event has been a learning lesson. Every human who has touched my life has been a teacher. A guru. And today, on Guru Poornima Day, a day dedicated to paying your respect to all your teachers, I think of All who’ve touched my life, helped me, mentored me, held my hands, given me their precious time and more, all who are here around me in person and in spirit.. I realize I’m accountable to the collective dream and hope and future of a community.

As I sit here today, I’m thinking of the fantastic work being done every single day by my amazing colleagues all across the country. I’m truly humbled to have had the opportunity to listen to all the stories shared by this cohort of dance presenters and facilitators. I’m grateful and excited about everyone’s work and am looking forward to supporting my fellow presenters and artists and my dance loving audiences in every way I can.

The 2019 National Dance Presenters Forum has been a game changer for me in many ways. It came at a point when I was thinking of changing directions. Yet again unknown forces in the universe conspired and I was selected to be one of the 15 presenters from across the country to be invited to be part of this amazing learning experience. One of the commitments I’ve walked away with is to bring more JOY to my community. I walked away with the realization that dance is the perfect vehicle to bridge the gap with meaningful conversations around various human issues. Keeping it real and beautiful is possible with dance. That dance is not just ephemeral but also a powerful catalyst for much needed change in our society today.

Sruthi Mohan
July 16, 2019

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