Salabhanjika – August 27, 2015

SALABHANJIKA - The Sculpture ! A Timeless Tale of Love, Devotion & Salvation !

SALABHANJIKA, presented as part of The Panchakanya Project, is a stone sculpture that is placed in front of the sanctum sanctorum of a temple as Dwarapalika. In South India, many temples have stone sculptures in the shape of a woman holding a lamp. She is set in place as a sacred guard to the deity. However this Salabhanjika is no ordinary stone. The poet opines the existence of Ahalya in it. SALABHANJIKA is a fictional story that has been inspired by the story of Ahalya from the epic Ramayana. SALABHANJIKA is not a mere retelling of the story of Ahalya but a portrayal of a bereaved feminine personality; the varied shades of conflict, pain, ephemeral happiness, dreams and aspirations. Both external and internal levels of existence of the human being are portrayed in this theme. This is an imaginary saga of the innate conflicts of the human heart. SALABHANJIKA, who falls in love with and yearns for togetherness with her creator, the sculptor; while Ahalya, the cursed spirit, longs for salvation that only Lord Rama will bring. A contrast of worldly desire with the pining for MOKSHA , of earthly love and spiritual divinity. What Rama represents for Ahalya turns out to be what the sculptor becomes for SALABHANJIKA. Ahalya’s waiting for Rama, for her salvation, or MOKSHA symbolizes the liberation from all bondages that is the ultimate truth of human existence.

Script - Sri Kavalam Narayana Panikkar

Music Composition - Sri Darshan Raman and Sri Hyder Ali Dance

Choreography - Smt Pallavi Krishnan.

Dancers - Pallavi Krishnan, Narendra Kumar Lakshmipathy, Sruthi Mohan

Check out gorgeous photos by Amitava Sarkar Here.

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