Tara – July 31, 2016

The untold story of the Queen of Kishkindha

TARA, presented as part of 'The Panchakanya Project' featured Divyaa Unni with her original choreography that had exquisite abhinaya, interesting rhythmic patterns and crisp footwork whilst telling the story of the birth of Tara as an apsara, born of the churning of the milky ocean to how she eventually plays a pivotal role in saving the kingdom of Kishkindha, whilst ensuring a beneficial political alliance with the crown prince of Ayodhya, Sri Rama, by providing assistance in the form of the powerful and resourceful vanara army in his quest to find his abducted wife Sita.

TARA was an interesting challenge as history and mythology says very little about her. But Divyaa's brilliant interpretation of Tara brought alive the various facets of TARA's personality. She was a charismatic, charming and magnetic woman, who used her wit and intelligence to reign in the impulsive and often destructive tendencies of the most powerful men around her. Her foresight was invaluable, as King Vali realizes as he lies defeated, struck by Sri Rama's arrow. She questions Sri Rama about his actions, filled with unbearable grief at the unfair manner of death of her beloved husband. This interesting conversation leads to spiritual awakening of Tara.

Divyaa's thoughtful choreography made TARA very real and relatable to all. She explained her thought process behind the choreography in great detail and took questions from the audience in the interactive discussion session that followed the presentation. It was a real moment of joy when young students of dance got up to tell her how they were inspired by her usage of the vocabulary of bharathanatyam to tell the story of TARA. For more details visit our coverage Here.  

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